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I wrote the course and provide the support, so if there are elements of the course you do not fully understand - it's my fault not yours, asking a question is as simple as dropping me an email, or using the comments boxes in each section so please do get in touch if there is anything that you're not sure about, I'm here to help.

The level 1 course 'soft starts' from the absolute most basic concepts of how electricity behaves is a circuit and as many students are already familiar with these concepts, those first few basic sections are free to access and can be skipped through if not needed.

This 'soft start' can give a false sense that the course is too basic, however the course complexity soon ramps up to the finer critical areas specific to the marine electrical system; you will actually cover the subject in more detail than a typical entry level marine electrical installers course.

If you're considering a career as a marine electrician, or ETO the MECO level 1 & 2 package is a great place to start. It covers more than you will need to know for the professional exams.

Take your time and enjoy the course, there are no time limits.

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Dave Punch is a qualified UK RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, Radar, Diesel Engine, VHF, GMDSS, MCA STCW safety, Marine Electrical & Electronics instructor. Holding a global mix of Marine Electrical and Electronic certification covering UK, US, and EU vessels including the internationally recognised NMEA AMEI - Advanced Marine Electronics Installer, Dave has detailed experience of all the various - ABYC, NMEA, ISO, BS & RCD / RCR standards that apply to modern marine electrical systems, and is right here to help you learn about yours.

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