Tip: Download a PDF of the course Syllabus here, many of my learners print this off and tick off the sections as they work through.


Welcome to MECO Training, many thanks for joining, I am here to help you get to grips with your boats electrics so you can prevent, find and fix minor electrical issues on board.

Learning how yachts and small craft should be wired will enable you to recognise any specific deficiencies, and throughout your course you will learn the best practices for electrical safety as per the International Standards Organisation (ISO), Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), British Marine Electrical Engineers Association (BMEEA), American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).

Beginners are welcome, no pre-course knowledge required.

The level 1 course 'soft starts' from the absolute most basic concepts of how electricity behaves is a circuit and as many of my learners are already familiar with these concepts, these first few sections are free.

I hope you enjoy the course, and please use the comment boxes if you have any questions.

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