Radar Brief Overview

Radar Overview

Pulsed V Broadband

A vessels radar is essentially a radio transmitter and receiver but there are 2 different radar technologies: Pulsed Radar, and FMCW 'Broadband' radar and during this course you will learn in great detail about both as there are some important differences.

Pulsed radar

The Pulsed radar transmits a powerful short pulse of radio waves and, using the same antenna, switches into a receiver listening for any reflections. The radar times how long it takes for the pulse to complete the round trip to the target - and back. There is a detailed study of this process, and how it will effect the way you use your radar during the course.

Broadband Radar (FMCW)

Rather than transmitting high power pulses, the broadband radar transmits a much lower power continuous wave, and during the transmission the frequency is changes, hence the name FMCW Frequency Modulated - Continuous Wave; you can see why it's more often just called 'Broadband' for short!

At any given time, the received pulses from a target are at a different frequency to the pulse being transmitted, this has some advantages, and disadvantages over the proven pulsed radar technology - during this course you will learn in great detail about both.