Boat Electronics Course online

Full MECO MET-3 Masterclass

Industry recognised Marine Electrical and Electronics Certified Course for trainee marine electricians, engineers, boat owners, yacht skippers and yacht crew. No previous experience or special skills required. Written in accordance to US, UK and international standards for Marine Electrical and Electronics installations.

Commercial learners: Level 1 & 2 provides the 'foot in the door' certification, this allows you to work and develop essential practical experience whilst completing your Level 3.

Non-commercial learners: Make use of the course material for both training and reference with access to all lessons upon completion for life. Learn everything there is to know about your onboard electrical and electronics systems.

The MECO MET-3 course is widely subscribed to by:

  • Universities and Technical Colleges
  • Boat owners, skippers and crew
  • Apprenticeship providers
  • Yacht Builders

Included in this package:

Marine Electrical course for Beginners
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Minimum study time 3 days

Course Overview

The Level 1 course is aimed at beginners and as such requires zero pre course knowledge.

Start from the basics of how electricity behaves in a circuit and then discover how to apply this to the marine electrical system in a step by step series of easy to follow animations.

You will learn about Volts, Amps, Ohms, batteries, cabling, circuit protection, how the various international standards and regulations that apply to a boats electrical system.

Ability after the course

By the end of the MECO Level 1 course you will have a solid foundation in marine electrics and be able to prevent, find, and fix minor faults on a basic electrical system, and check for regulatory breaches.

For those seeking to work in the industry, MECO level 1 is the minimum standard required for trainee marine electricians who are seeking to start their first qualifying 1 year experience as an Marine electrical assistant.

Course Duration

Whilst it is possible to complete the course in 3 days, we recommend taking longer, most people complete the course over a few weeks with a little study each week.

You have lifetime access, there's no rush, and once completed the course serves as an up to date reference.

Intermediate Marine Electrical Course
Build your knowledge

Minimum study time 7 days

Course Overview

The MECO level 2 is a seamless transition from level one and covers the more complex electrical systems found on ocean going cruisers and live-aboard vessels.

The level 2 course delves into more complex areas of the marine electrical system as found on ocean going vessels and well equipped live-aboard yachts.

The level 2 is a seamless natural progression from the level 1 course, and provides the solid Marine Electrical foundation required in order to begin the longer term process of mastering the complex topic of Marine Electronics.

Ability after the course

Upon completion you will have a much better understanding of the more complex marine electrical system to a professional standard. This understanding will help you to prevent, find and fix complex faults on complex electrical installations.

For those seeking work as a marine electrician - the level 2 course covers all the knowledge you need (and much more) to effectively work alongside experienced installers to build your practical skills, and achieve your qualifying in-field experience.

Course Duration

Whilst it is possible to complete the course in 7 days, it is recommended to take 2 to 3 weeks with a little study each day. Problems can arise down the line from rushing through and not fully understanding a section before proceeding on to the next.

Advanced Marine Electronics Course
Complete your knowledge

Minimum study time 14 days

Course Overview

Without structured and detailed training, many of the critical finer points of marine electronics will remain a mystery. These finer points are often where the tricky hard to recreate faults are lurking, and as such these manifest as unnecessary and expensive repairs.

The MECO Level 3 covers the inner workings of marine data networks from the individual electrical pulses that make up the binary signals, to the software that makes sense of it all. This highly detailed level of knowledge is essential to ensure an electronics system is efficient, and reliable.

Ability after the course

After the level 3 course you will have a detailed and thorough understanding of the high and low speed data networks that are common between small yachts, motor cruisers, and even super yachts. This will enable you to install, fault find, modify, and fix CAN Bus and high speed networks to NMEA standards.

You will also understand the detailed technicalities of radio antenna cabling and installation to enable you to survey an existing radio installation and identify regulatory breaches and inefficiencies often overlooked by boat builders.

Course Duration

As with all the levels, the course is self paced and whilst it is possible to complete in 2 weeks, we recommend a much longer time frame of around 3 months. It is also the type of course that may need a refresher from time to time, so the material is available for life.