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Pre course requirements:

If you already have a high level of marine electrical knowledge and practical experience you can start right here at level 3 - however your knowledge must be already at the level 2 standard before proceeding with this course. You can enrol in all 3 courses as a package.

This course only covers the complex electronics such as NMEA data networks, Radio Communications, GNSS systems, so previous marine electrical knowledge is absolutely essential to understanding this course. If you've not already completed the Level 1 and 2 courses you can book these in conjunction with this course as a complete package.

About the course

Essentially this course aims to be the first and last source of information on marine electronics for small to medium sized vessels, so everything that you could ever need to know is included!

Over the next few days we are going to look at faultfinding, upgrading, interfacing new electronics with old legacy equipment, testing and maintenance of your onboard electronics. Over the years the most common faults I have found have been with the wiring rather than the electronic equipment itself, so all the skills and knowledge from B.Y.E Level 1 and 2 are still very much your first point of call, checking for voltage drop, poor connections, poor terminations is still a priority.

Understanding how data networks function from the very basics of how numbers and letters are sent down wires, all the way to how the software uses and displays this data is fundamental when it comes to fault finding, designing new systems, and integrating old and new technology.


Please take your time with the quizzes as they are graded and make up part of the final mark. It is not possible to proceed on to the next stage until the quizzes have been completed, and it is imperative that a section is fully understood before proceeding to the next.

Reference sections

You will notice some sections are marked up as 'Reference' - these contain information to support a subject and can be printed out if required, they represent information that does not warrant a lesson and quiz as such.

With the information gained from completing this course you will be able to better understand the manufactures literature, any tables used in this course are based on generic values, if you have access to manufacturer specific data then it is best to use these values.


As with all MECO courses, If there are any sections you do not understand, I am here to help; send me an email, [email protected] or use the help boxes below.

Let's get started!

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