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Foundation Course

The expert in everything was once a beginner

A basic marine electrical skillset is useful for boat owners, skippers and crew, but essential for those trying to get started as a marine electrician.

This is a CPD accredited course with 12 CPD points.

During your course step by step self paced lectures begin with general electricity basics and progress through to specific marine electrical subjects such as: cable sizing, circuit protection, switching, distribution, battery charging, engine starting, engine gauges, and much more.

There are no pre-course requirements and beginners are welcome. Enrol now or click 'Learn More' below for more information.

Intermediate Course

Level 2 for complex Marine Electrical systems

For more complex vessels with sophisticated electrical equipment or for those wishing to work in the industry as a Marine Electrician, the level 1 and 2 is recommended.

Those who have completed the level 1 foundation course can upgrade to the level 2 at any stage, or both courses can be purchased as a package.

The Level 1 & 2 package is widely used in Maritime Academies, Universities and technical colleges around the world.

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Advanced Course

The most advanced Marine Electronics course online.

The on board electronics system on a modern yacht is often more complex than a modern car, and with this step by step advanced Marine Electronics course you can master this an advanced professional level.

There is no other online course covering marine electronics in such detail...

Check out the syllabus, and preview the lessons and see why Maritime Engineering Colleges, trade schools, and universities include MECO courses in their syllabus.

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Professional Course

Full MET-3 Certification

Certification in Marine Electrical & Electronics

Learn everything there is to know about the marine electrical and electronics systems and achieve your full MET-3 Certification. Aimed at enthusiastic hands on boat owners, engineers, and marine electricians who want to be the best.

This course package includes the industry recognised MECO MET 3 masterclass exam, all the structured training and instructor support required to pass.

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